If you were looking for a reason to install internet security software on your smartphone or tablet, there’s none better than “IT’S FREE”.

Trend Micro has today announced that Trend Micro Mobile Security is available free for all Australians for six months as we face a very difficult and challenging time – particularly with the work from home and distance learning going on using all our devices more than ever.

You get protection from malware, ransomwear, spyware and banking fraud because the software blocks you from accessing dangerous or fraudulent websites.

The software also scans WiFi for unsafe networks to help keep you safe.

Tim Falinski, Trend’s Aussie boss says “With families staying home but continuing their lives online, whether it be through remote working or online learning, they’re using their mobile devices in ways different to before. We want to help support Australians during this time and make one part of their lives easier – protecting their devices,”

“We’ve already seen scams and malicious online activity around COVID-19 as cybercriminals seek to take advantage. These extra measures, using Mobile Security, will help ensure people can rely on their devices with no interruptions and stay safe online.”

To take up the offer, you just need to download and install Trend Micro Mobile Security in April, with the software then enabled free for six months.

You can download for iPhones here at the App Store or for Android devices via Google Play

And if you’ve got an iPhone and think “Nah, don’t need it” THINK AGAIN – it’s not always the software issues, you accessing malicious sites or WiFi can be a real risk for everyone!