At the age of 92, legendary actor Jerry Stiller has passed away – remembered by many for his long list of roles in movies, TV shows, and more, but here at EFTM we remember him most as Frank Costanza – father of George – in Seinfeld.

Along with my good mate and fellow Seinfeld fanatic Stephen Fenech from – we’ve put together our list of top 13 Frank Costanza moments and episodes.

Fortunately, every single episode of Seinfeld is available to watch on Stan – so, get on it folks.

George is dead

(The Caddy Season 7, Episode 12)

Mr Steinbrenner comes to see Frank and Estelle – he tells them George is dead. Frank takes the opportunity to shout at Steinbrenner for his poor player choices at the Yankees. Frank also makes a memorable call to Jerry, leaving a message on his answering machine saying only “Mr. Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, call me back!”

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George gets a job at the Yankees

(The Opposite Season 5, Episode 21)

Georgie boy moves out of home – Frank has some wise words and a slap on the head for George – “Be Nice”

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Spending the Inheritance

(The Money Season 8, Episode 12)

Taking advice from Kramer, Frank informs George they plan to spend up his inheritance, saying “you can drop a grand at Disneyworld like THAT”

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Frank’s silver dollar.

(The Puffy Shirt Season 5, Episode 2)

George is out of work, down on his luck. He goes to dinner with his parents, discusses possibly becoming a postman. His Dad shows him a Silver Dollar with meaning.

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The Mansiere

(The Doorman Season 6, Episode 17)

Do we need to say more?

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George at the police station

(The Little Kicks Season 8, Episode 4)

One of the most iconic clips, and the best blooper too – Frank having to visit the police station where George is in trouble. He ends up coming to blows with Elaine!

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Moving to Florida to SPITE Jerry’s Parents

(The Shower Head Season 7, Episode 15)

They’re not doing it because they want to – they’re doing it because Jerry’s parents don’t want them to!

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Caped Lawyer

(The Chinese Woman Season 6, Episode 4)

During the iconic “The Chinese Woman” episode, George tells Frank that Jerry saw him in the City – Frank simply wonders “how could Jerry Not say Hello?”

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(The Strike Season 9, Episode 10)

Again – is there a more iconic episode?

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(The Serenity Now Season 9, Episode 3)

Selling computers for his Father, George is up against Lloyd Braun and Frank’s method of calming is to shout “Serenity now”

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The Pool Room

(The Doll Season 7, Episode 17)

Converting Geroge’s old room to a Pool Room? Classic Frank. Playing without pants – Classic Frank.

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The TV Guide

(The Cigar Store Indian- Season 5, Episode 10)

Elaine hands over Frank’s TV Guide on the Subway, Frank is not happy!

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Stopping Short

(The Fusilli Jerry – Season 6, Episode 21)

What was Kramer thinking with Mrs Costanza? Frank is NOT HAPPY!

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