If you love watching TV, be it free-to-air, streaming or Blu-Ray then you have to experience the great sound that comes from a Soundbar. I’ve said this time and time again.

Today, Harman Kardon launched the Multibeam 700 at Harvey Norman – priced at $795 it’s a high quality, luxurious design packed with great technology, smarts, and of course, Harman Kardon’s outstanding sound.

The Multibeam offers through a single sound bar a full surround experience without the need for extra speakers around the room.

Using strategically placed speakers firing in all directions, the room can be filled with sound in every corner of the room.

If you wanted to, you can also pair it with a Citation Sub S, and if you are looking for the complete and specific 5.1 surround you can also pair with Citation surround or tower speakers for rear sound.

Most importantly, the Multibeam 700 is also smart, with Google Assistant built in, so you can use voice controls to play music, or stream music using Chromecast, as well as Apple AirPlay.

Perhaps my favourite feature, also found in the Citation Bar and Citation 300 is the top touch screen. A really vibrant display allowing you to control all features and settings of the device, and see what’s playing at a glance.

Marcus Fry from Harmon in Australia says “We’re excited to be expanding the Harman Kardon Citation Series with the MultiBeam™ 700. We’re certain that customers will love this more compact soundbar with its premium design and smart features. Love being home and have a cinematic experience like no other.” 

This is a premium speaker, made to enhance not just the sound of your TV but also the look of your entertainment unit.

It comes in Black or Grey wool covering.

With a 210W total output, it packs a punch, but at our first glance it’s not overwhelming at full volume.

Available now at Harvey Norman for $795