Optus has today announced a new more convenient way for postpaid customers to connect to their mobile network using eSIM. The telco will now allow customers to connect using an app.

Starting this week, Optus customers will be able to activate a digital eSIM through the MyOptus App on their phone.

eSIM is, at its most basic, an embedded SIM card that removes the need for a physical SIM card. It’s found in the latest phones, smartwatches and more, and allows customers to get their device on the network faster, as well as switch providers faster if required.

The new eSIM activation method will offer a quick and easy way to connect to the Optus network, says Optus VP, TV, Content & Product Development, Clive Dickens, “Our customers want simplicity and convenience, which is why we are thrilled to extend our digital eSIM product and technology for new mobile customers. Buying a service with an Optus digital eSIM online offers a simple digital way of connecting to Optus without leaving your home or workplace.

Optus was one of the first carriers to introduce eSIM support on their network back in April 2019. Using eSIM offers benefits for those using work and personal mobile devices, letting them switch easily on the phone, or even just cutting out the hassle of going out to get a new SIM card when switching to a new provider.

Telstra launched a similar function in the My Telstra app last month, as part of their T22 modernisation plan. The Telstra announcement says ‘From today, eligible customers will be able to activate pre-paid and manage their eSIM directly from their device using the My Telstra app’.

The difference between the two seems to be the Optus announcement allows for post-paid customers to perform the same function through the My Optus app, though not pre-paid.

Though the new feature in the My Optus app is super convenient, there is still the step of purchasing an eSIM activation card, which apparently can’t be done in the app with Optus advising customers will need to purchase an eSIM activation code via optus.com.au, an Optus store or other retail channels.

The My Optus app can be found on both Google Play and iOS app stores, so look out for an update with eSIM support in the coming weeks.