Announced here at this years virtual CES is Millo, a complete app controlled blender for the home. With ongoing free firmware upgrades, the smarts of this blender will continue to develop, using built in algorithms to control the blending process. It’s a sleek 360-degree European design ensuring a classy addition to the kitchen bench. Using a rechargeable battery, there is no power cord restricting your blender to a specific part of the kitchen bench. Performance isn’t sacrificed by the battery, with 12-15 smoothies possible per charge.

The companion app provides complete control over blending power and provides real-time tracking of liquid consistency.

The patented Magnetic Air Drive delivers a far quieter blend than many other blenders in the market. And for those early morning smoothies when you really want to avoid waking the entire household, there is a “silent smoothie” pre programmed recipe.

With more accessories to come later in the year that will include a baby food grinder, juicer and coffee bean grinder.

The team at Millo are hopeful of a release in Australia late in 2021.

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