If you’ve become like me, and spend way too much time on your phone scrolling through silly, funny, interesting and “eye opening” videos on TikTok then brace yourself, you can soon do that on your Big-Screen with TikTok launching an App for Android TV.

Facebook, YouTube, even Twitter all have apps on smart TVs. No doubt YouTube is the biggest of them all, while Facebook just hasn’t really cracked it for their “watch” service being as much a go-to for video as YouTube.

TikTok has a genuine chance to challenge that, because like YouTube, it’s sole purpose is video.

The App has been built for Android TV, works on Chromecast with Google TV but is not available in Australia yet. If you’re savvy, you might sideload the app from a download online, which is what I did to get it working on my new Chromecast (thanks Ahmad Ki for the tip, and the workaround!).

Once installed, you can just get scrolling, or use your Phone’s TikTok app to scan a QR code to login to your own account.

Honestly, its just as addictive, perhaps more so.

It’s a big screen, great sound, and by default videos do not loop.

You can click right to skip, arrow down to access like or comments, and down again to get to categories of content.

I was only doing it for the photos, but sat for 15 mins. Damn you TikTok.

A great idea, but, I for one do not want my personal TikTok Algorithm on display for the whole family to see… so, there’s a risk there fellas:) You know what I mean.

No word on an official launch in Australia – but it will come, no doubt about that.

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