This week Bentley released what they claim is ‘The most sporting of Bentaygas; the Bentayga S’. Well, if that isn’t like shopping for speedos at Johnny Bigg then I don’t know what is! 

The Bentayga is already a stupid car, but if you insist on spending over half a million for a family hauler that you can take (sort of) off-road you can now select a Bentayga that is faster than all other Bentaygas – the Bentayga S. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bentley as a brand. I love the craftsmanship of the range and the history of the marque, but I find the whole idea of the Bentayga repulsive. Still, maybe I’m just jealous. 

If you are lucky enough to find yourself behind the wheel of this new model you will find tighter suspension, 22” rims and increased input from the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 (550kw/770nm) along with a range of cosmetic tweaks. 

Ultimately, all that is left to decide is if you want your Bentayga S in four, five or seven seats – all configurations are an option. Oh, you will also need to choose from one of the 17 exterior colours and 15 types of leather trim. Still can’t choose? Chat to the team at Mulliner and together you can create your very own bespoke Bentayga. 

Just think, the Mulliner team get to work closely with someone with the sense of style to choose a Bentayga in the first place before encouraging them to make it any colour they want. Talk about a tough day in the office!