It’s not just iPhone season, it’s iPhone month. Aside from 2020 when the pandemic pushed the launch back into October, you can almost set your calendar by the announcement of a new iPhone, so mark it down – it’s coming. So what will the iPhone 13 offer?

Well, let’s start with the elephant in this room – the name. We suspected that iPhone 12s made a lot more sense than iPhone 13. But, it appears very clear that the 2021 iPhone will be called the iPhone 13.

We’ve seen leaks of the iPhone packaging, and iPhone cases both with the name iPhone 13. So let’s put that to bed, I was wrong.

Now remember, all of this is pure speculation folks!

The iPhone 13 Camera

A new, fantastic camera. Better in low light, higher quality – you know the drill. Of course it’s going to have a better camera.

I expect the iPhone 13 Pro to have the same camera specs as the iPhone 13 Pro max (last year the Max had a slight advantage on specs.)

There’s talk of a push toward night sky photography, perhaps not quite astro-photography, but expect it to do very well with a starry sky.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will feature a diagonal dual camera arrangement, as opposed to the vertical stacking of the lenses on the iPhone 12, and the camera bump on all of them will be a touch bigger to accommodate the improved lenses and sensors.

To notch or not to notch?

Up the top of the screen, that black notch that comes into the screen where the camera and sensors are will be smaller. This will mainly be achieved by moving the ear speaker right up to the phones edge, and doing so will create more space either side of the notch.

Great, but we’re not writing home about a smaller notch are we?

A better iPhone Display?

Outside of the notch, there are big expectations for an improved screen refresh rate. 120hz refresh on Samsung devices offer a smoother look to motion on screen.

Apple do have this in iPad Pro, so expect “Pro Motion” to come to iPhone 13.

And there’s a chance like your Apple Watch the iPhone screen will be capable of “always on” – showing you important info without lighting up the whole screen.

iPhone 13 looks the same as iPhone 12

Yep, a LOT.

Aside from the diagonal camera array on the 13 and 13 mini, they look the same.

Sure the notch reduction will help when the phone is on, but otherwise, people won’t instantly know you have the new iPhone. Sorry.

What colours will the iPhone 13 come in?

But, they will if the rumours of a Bronze colour, and Matte Black colour range hit the market.

Expect blue and red to stay though, they were popular over the last 12 months.

Satellite phone calls?

A strange and unexpected rumour this time round is Satellite phone capability. This rumour came from chip manufacturer supply chains, but it’s also possible it’s a similar chip to a Satellite phone, but is packed into a range of other features, so won’t actually be enabled on iPhone 13.

However, imagine Apple Do make an “always available” call and text service for iPhone 13. A small monthly fee, or free, that means you never are out of touch no matter where you are or the level or lack of 4G/5G coverage.

When it comes to game-changers – that would be it.

When will the iPhone 13 be announced?

Just as the sun rises in the morning, we can set our clocks by this – the Apple Event will be next Wednesday day the 15th September, 3am Sydney time.

When can I buy an iPhone 13?

Impossible to be sure, but we think Friday September 24 is a likely on-sale date for iPhone 13. Last year the four models on-sale dates were split by a few weeks, it’s possible that will happen again.