Social Media platform TikTok has reached a huge milestone with 1 billion users registered and using the platform every month.

It’s a phenomenal number when you think about it – there’s around 8 Billion people in the world, meaning one in eight have TikTok, and with different areas of the world advancing at different rates, that number is probably higher in places like Australia.

TikTok say their mission is to “inspire creativity and bring joy” and while there might well be a bunch of strange and even concerning content on the platform, its powerful algorithm seems to do a great job at giving users that joy they search for.

Personally, having “viewed” TikTok for some months now trying to understand the platform, making the switch to the “creator” level has been an interesting one – a highly engaged community with robust and predominantly positive commenting – it’s unlike most other platforms in many ways.

And for context, Twitter, which gets so much traction as a social network in the media, has under 200 million users. Frankly, it’s been left for dead by this video based upstart.

If you are new, or haven’t given it a crack yet, hit me up, follow me on TikTok – why not!


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