In the world of Smartwatches there’s no questioning the dominance of Apple, and next in line is likely Samsung with their long line of Galaxy Wear watches. Many other brands have come and gone, but interestingly – luxury watch brand TAG Heuer are continuing to evolve their smart watch with a new generation launching in March.

This new Generation features two very different Connected Watches. The first is a new iteration of the 45mm model which has a 30% better battery and a sporty design.

A smaller model, at 42mm is now launching alongside it – this watch doesn’t appear to feature a traditional watch bezel, instead it has a more screen to edge design.

The 42mm will suit women who prefer a smaller watch, as well as all people who want something a little more subtle.

Frédéric Arnault, CEO TAG Heuer says ‘‘With these two new, very different Connected watches, we hope to bring a new generation of TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 to a wider range of customers, becoming a companion in their daily lives: from business to sport activities to the most elegant dinners. Since 2015, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in the luxury connected watch sector. The development of these new watches highlight how Connected has become a pillar of TAG Heuer, alongside Aquaracer and Carrera, building on 160 years of Swiss watchmaking experience.” 

The wellness and sport functions are available in both, though it’s clear from the announcement that the battery on the 42mm is designed to allow use of the Wellness functions all day, but sports or Golf usage will impact on the length of the day.

However, the redesigned 45mm’s larger battery will offer a solid day’s use, including sports functions – allowing you a good five hour round of golf within a full normal day.

Of course there are a huge array of straps in leather, rubber or steel to allow customisation for any time, but the real bonus many current TAG Connected owners will praise is the new charging dock.

No longer will we have to restort to Etsy for 3D printed stands to hold the charging disc, the new included stand allows the watch to display the time in a low brightness while charging so it’s the perfect nightstand.

As well as all those things, the new screen features better quality and contrast particularly for outdoor use.

At launch, the new generation will come with Wear OS 2, however an upgrade to Wear OS 3 is guaranteed at no extra cost when it’s available.

Both new TAG Connected models go on sale on March 10.