In 2022 it’s possible to have many more than five streaming services, and when you include music or other subscriptions the fact is most of us wouldn’t know how many things we are subscribed to month to month.

On of the reasons it’s so hard to keep track of is that these are what I will call “silent transactions”. You only know they occur if you are checking your bank or credit card statements regularly.

And that’s exactly why they are so sticky – we’re not taking cash to the post office to make a payment – you probably don’t even know it’s happening.

To counter this, I’ve got a top tip. A number one recommendation. Get Reminded.

Get Reminded is an Aussie app, available in the Apple and Android app stores – and you know what it does? Yep, reminds you.

This is far more than just streaming, you can set it up with your car insurance, home loan, frankly any regular payment. But for this particular situation it’s ideal for those trying to get on top of their streaming costs.

And it’s really quite simple.

Enter your streaming service in the “internet & streaming” category.

You get a drop down to choose from the many services.

Entering the amount you pay, and the date you started it will ensure you get accurate reminders.

And once you’ve done them all – you get a really fascinating snap shot of the annual cost. Yeah, it really costs that much folks!

Now, each month, you’ll get an email when the payment is about to drop, that allows you to jump in and deactivate your account, to save some coin!

Importantly folks, if you do cancel your account, when you come back sign up again in the future, your viewing history and recommendations are all there! So it’s really quite easy to switch a streaming service off, and then back on again as often as you like!

Give it a crack, you’ll be surprised how much you’re spending on streaming every year!

Web: Download Get Reminded available in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores