As Aussies we tend to abbreviate and use slang so often that we don’t even realise we are doing it. Digital assistants such as Alexa can then sometimes have trouble deciphering our instructions but slowly but surely our lexicon is being introduced to their databases.

Alexa has now gained even more insight into our slang with the addition of a series of new modern Aussie classics. While they may not be as prevalent in our vernacular as the good old budgie smugglers etc the new slang are contemporary but still particularly Aussie.

Now you can ask Alexa the following questions and she will give you the translations:

“Alexa, what is a Bachelor’s Handbag”
“Alexa, what is a Rissole?”
“Alexa, what is a Dog’s Eye?”
“Alexa, what is a Private School Plugger?”
“Alexa, what is a Foot Falcon?”
“Alexa, what is a Tuesday Frisbee?”
“Alexa, who is the Baroness of Broadbeach?”

Errol Parker, Editor-at-large for the Betoota Advocate said, “I’ve seen my fair share of wishywashy wannabee slang come and go, but I can honestly say that these new additions are as
bonza as the Baroness of Broadbeach herself.”

Personally, I’m not entirely convinced but then I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to my slang usage. Even if these new Aussie slang additions don’t take permanent hold in our language Amazon has said that they will continue to adapt Alexa as our vernacular changes.

Kate Gooden, Head of Alexa Product and Experience said “We’re constantly looking for ways to continue Alexa’s cultural education to make the experience more natural, familiar and even a bit cheeky! This way Alexa feels more like a family member or friend”.

To get started, address your Alexa device, or download the Alexa app and say, “Alexa, tell me something Aussie”.