I have used Logitech mice for a long time – I even replaced my work mouse with a half decent Logitech one.  At home I use the original Logitech MX Master and it’s been getting a bit long in the tooth. By now Logitech are up to the MX Master 3S version of their flagship productivity mouse so you would think that with so many more generations they have improved it – and they have.

Considering how much I like my MX Master though surely there’s not that much they could do to improve a mouse?  Afterall, a mouse is a mouse right?  True, it is but the MX Master 3S is an improvement but is it enough to justify an upgrade?  Read on to find out my thoughts on the new mouse.

Design + Hardware 

Creators and would-be creators are everywhere these days it seems and for these the new MX Master 3S is perfect in that it includes an 8,000 DPI optical sensor that allows tracking over most surfaces including glass.  This allows for faster, more precise mouse manoeuvring for editing content before publishing.  In everyday use you do not notice this but when you turn up that DPI and set about some fine editing in Photoshop and the like (Photopea in my case) the difference is noticeable.

The basic shape and button location is the same from the MX Master to the MX Master 3S but there are subtle differences that make a big difference.  The shape for the palm section is slightly thinner in the 3S which allows for a more ergonomic hand position – it doesn’t seem to stretch the palm out as much which is great when using for a long time.

While the buttons are the same functionally – ie, the same type – they are much more premium in the MX Master 3S.  First things first, Logitech has included Quiet Clicks – something I loved in the Logitech Lift I reviewed a couple of months ago.  This allows for a super quiet click while still also providing the tactile feedback required for accurate use.

The scroll wheel is the new MagSpeed Electromagnetic wheel that allows you to scroll through documents at 1,000 lines a second!  I have very little use for this and it did take me quite a while for me to find the sweet spot that allowed me to accurately scroll bit by bit without scrolling too far – There are a lot of settings within Logi Options+ app that will help you set up your mouse and scroll wheel to how you like it.  Not only is its operation improved but the scroll wheel is more premium in itself.  It is a machined steel giving it a solid feel without any cheap “give” that the wheel had on the MX Master – something I hadn’t noticed until using the MX Master 3S.  Did I mention that the scroll wheel is a lot quieter too?

The scroll wheel on the side is majorly improved.  It was virtually unusable on my MX Master but with the MX Master 3S the wheel was a lot easier to use allowing for faster, more accurate horizontal scrolling.

The forward and back buttons on the side of the mouse are now below the scroll wheel allowing for much more accurate use and easier access.   

My only disappointment with the buttons is the middle mouse button or DPI button – the button situated behind the scroll wheel.  It is still there and still works as it should and sits in the best spot in my opinion.  While the feel of the click is a more premium feel than the MX Master, the click is just as loud.  It is strange that the Quiet Clicks are applied to all other buttons but not this button.  A minor gripe but it is a button I use a lot so it would have been nice to have that quiet, smooth click that the Quiet Click technology provides.

The battery on the MX Master 3S is once again a rechargeable battery – USB-C now but then the MX Master of mine is so old it is no surprise to see this upgrade here.  Now I’ve only been using the mouse for a couple of weeks now so it’s difficult to get an accurate battery life on it but in those two weeks I am yet to have to charge it.  Logitech states that you will get up to 70 hours of battery life from it and it has fast charging as well so that a small one minute charge will give you three hours of use – impressive!

Features and software 

The MX Master 3S offers an improved tracking across any surfaces promising on-glass tracking which worked perfectly on my glass coffee table surprisingly — promised and delivered. The sensor itself in the mouse offers up to 8,000DPI which is far higher than I could ever need but if you are a creative person, it could be extremely useful, especially if you have a high-resolution monitor.

I touched on the Logi Options+ software when I reviewed the Logitech MX Keys Mini and once again the Logi Options+ offers so many extra features to the Logitech product — the MX Master 3S in this case. Once again you can set the global settings for each button and scroll wheel along with app-specific functions should you wish something different in an app such at Photoshop etc.


As with all new Logitech products these days the MX Master 3S offers connectivity to your PC through either good old Bluetooth or via their Logi Bolt USB received which provides a 2.4GHz link from the mouse to the PC. The Bolt receiver provides the full functionality to the mouse including Logi Flow which is the ability to use the mouse simultaneously on more than one PC, enabling drag and drop from one PC to the other.

In day to day use I didn’t notice any difference in performance between the two connectivity options, but then my Hades Canyon PC is mounted to the underside of my desk, all of about 20cm from where the mouse is used.

Logitech has again included multi-device easy switch with the button on the underside of the mouse enabling you to easily switch from one device to another. I do like this about my Logitech products — all of which offer this.

Paired with MX Mechanical Keyboard

Trevor reviewed the new Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard a couple of weeks ago and found it to be “absolute perfection”. Logitech sent me one to pair and use with the MX Master 3S and I have a few thoughts too. It is a great keyboard with great feeling keys with a large amount of travel for a productivity keyboard along with that familiar mechanical key sound — albeit a bit quieter than a traditional mechanical keyboard. It was an accurate keyboard for me but my preference is for a quieter keyboard with less key travel.

The MX Keys Mini is still my favourite keyboard but the MX Mechanical is perfect for those who prefer the sound and large key travel of a mechanical keyboard — my wife is one such person who far prefers the MX Mechanical over the MX Keys Mini.

Should you buy the Logitech MX Master 3S?

If you have a Logitech MX Master mouse already then you’ll be familiar with the ergonomic feel of it in your hand and whether you should buy it is what version you have. The main upgrades over the MX Master 3 in the 3S is the increased DPI up to 8,000 and the soft clicks — for me the soft clicks are worth it. IF you want a quieter mouse then it is definitely worth looking at purchasing it.

If you are in the market for a new mouse then I can recommend it highly, and would/could only improve it with one extra soft click button (the middle mouse button still being standard click). At a recommended retail of $169.95 it’s not the cheapest mouse around but with the MX Master 3S you get a full featured mouse that is perfect for any form of creative or productivity work. Two big thumbs up from me.