After a successful run back in September, Aldi and Ecovacs have teamed up again for their latest Special Buy once again offering the DEEBOT NEO from March 8th for the bargain price of $399, down from its usual price of $799.

The Deebot Neo, which Scott reviewed last year, comes with an auto-empty station which charges also charges the unit, and is also able to hold up to 30-days worth of dust and hair collected. The Deebot Neo can also return to the station when it’s low on battery, charge and then head right back out again to take up where it left off.

The unit offers hands-free floor cleaning with the ability to both vacuum and mop your floor at the same time. It has the ability to detect carpets, with the vacuum avoiding the area if mopping mode is engaged, or increasing suction to make sure it gets all the dirt.

Of course the Deebot Neo is smart and of course there’s an app for that – available for Android and iOS, as well as connecting to your smart home setup including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The unit creates maps of your home, including multiple floors if you want to. Using this floorplan in the app you can customise which room you’d like the robot to clean on each floor, or set Virtual Boundaries, which limits the robotic vacuum cleaner’s operating area.

The app also allows you to customise specific suction power, water flow and cleaning sequences for each room in the home.

The robot vacuum will be on-sale at Aldi from March 8th – and only while stocks last, so you’ll need to get in fast if you want to take advantage of this great deal. You can check the range of Ecovacs products on or head here for the Deebot Neo.