After much hype and conjecture, Foxtel Group has announced their next big thing – Hubbl – officially and the product is more impressive than first imagined but will pose as many questions as it answers in the short term.

EFTM was invited to experience Hubbl first-hand this week at the Foxtel Head Office to allow us to get a solid understanding of just what the product is – something that from comments we’ve seen over recent months – a lot of people just don’t understand.

Today, Hubbl has revealed that Harvey Norman and JB HiFi will sell their device, with Harvey Norman selling the physical TV known as Hubbl Glass exclusively.

Les Wigan, Managing Director of Hubbl, says, “Hubbl stands out from the pack by offering live TV without an aerial, seamless subscription management at the touch of a button, more discoverability and personalisation as well as allowing customers to stack up to five eligible streaming apps and save up to $15 per month on their subscriptions. With the major free and paid apps available on Hubbl and more to come, there is nothing like the world of entertainment it unlocks.” 

Dani Simpson, Executive Director of Hubbl, says, “Hubbl is a unique product that simplifies the TV and streaming experience so you can spend less time searching for something to watch and more time enjoying the content you love. 

“We’re proud to partner with leading retailers Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi to help us reach customers in-store right across the country in addition to having our own digital shopfront at”

What is Hubbl?

Hubbl is a device, not a streaming service. Not unlike Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV or Fetch TV, it’s a device that allows you to watch content via streaming apps and services.

Once you own and setup Hubbl, you can watch content from pretty much every streaming provider out there, without the need to “install the app.” The content all works within the device by default, basically presenting you with a content library, instead of app choices that you might see in many of these aggregated user interfaces.

Primarily, the content on the Hubbl screen is a range of editorial choices from the Hubbl team highlighting content that is new, popular or editorially significant.

If there’s a great show trending on Disney+ – you’ll see it on your Hubbl screen, but if you don’t have a Disney+ account, the idea is that you will click to watch and be able to sign up almost instantly.

Whether that works with all providers like Stan, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime TV at launch is something we will test as we unpack Hubbl in the weeks ahead.

What can I watch on Hubbl?

Nearly all streaming services are available. Some might take some time to appear, but Hubbl is adamant they are all coming. Foxtel’s history here isn’t perfect, announcing Amazon Prime on Foxtel IQ boxes only for it to come a good eight months later. So, while there should be a solid library of services and content, that may take time to happen.

Optus Sport and Stan Sport integration will be key to this experience, with their content and live broadcasts sitting side by side with Kayo’s live sport on the “Sport” page. Likewise for fans of a sport or team, content from everywhere, not just Kayo will be offered up.

Is Hubbl going to work on my existing TV?

As Hubbl is not an app, but a device, you can use it on any TV. Just plug it into your TV and it will hopefully sort out the remote control to work with your TV power and volume as well as things like soundbars.

At under a hundred dollars it’s a fantastic value box to turn your current TV into a Smart TV.

In addition to this “puck” or box device, Hubbl is also selling actual physical TVs. These will come in a range of colours and feature an impressive six speaker Dolby Atmos sound system as well as Dolby Vision.

How much is Hubbl?

The set top box device is $99, while the 55-inch TV will set you back close to $1,600 and the 65-inch Hubbl Glass will be just shy of $2,000.

Once you have that, you’re done. The only thing then are savings.

Is there a monthly cost for Hubbl?

There’s no ongoing cost for Hubbl, just for the content you watch on it. In other words, your Netflix, Binge, Kayo and other service costs.

Of course, Hubbl would like for you to move all those services into your Hubbl account to enable a single bill for everything.

Adding three services qualifies you for a $5 credit on your account, four services gets you $10, while five services scores you $15. It’s understood that this integrated billing option might not apply to all streaming services at launch, with Amazon Prime, Stan, Apple TV+ and Paramount+ likely to be “coming” to the billing platform.

As such, saving $15 on five services will be hard outside of the Foxtel Group core services like Binge, Flash, Kayo and the new LifeStyle app.

Why would I buy Hubbl Glass?

The physical TV might seem a strange idea from Hubbl, but it follows the success of the device in Europe and the US where Comcast are also creating these devices.

For a more “traditional” TV viewer, and perhaps those most used to the Foxtel style service of channels of content on a single remote – the single TV, Single Remote and all content offering will have serious appeal.

While Harvey Norman will sell Hubbl Glass, EFTM understands you will be able to buy direct from Hubbl, which will include delivery and installation (not wall mounting). If this also includes account setup and configuration, it will be remarkable value.

But with just 55- and 65-inch options available, despite it being a strong technical offering with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, there are certainly more affordable and larger options available at this price point. And on any TV you can add the Hubbl set top box for just $99.

How is Free to Air delivered without an antenna?

When you setup the Hubbl device, you will need an account, and also accounts will all the free-to-air apps, like 7Plus, 9Now, 10Play, ABC and SBS. Without those accounts, you won’t get the live stream.

Because the live stream is delivered as a deep link into the streaming apps by firing up the live streamed channels from all the networks they are combined into a single EPG along with all the other content being offered across Binge, Kayo and other apps.

Critically, we haven’t personally tested this device, so can’t speak to what is available if you don’t log in (we assume nothing), and what content is actually on each channel.

Every network has state-based programming feeds, based on timelines and of course local content.

Which news bulletin will you get?

What sport will you see?

Will Sport be delivered via the internet with no antenna, or will it be subject to streaming blackouts?

These are questions we’ll learn only after things launch and it’s in the hands of customer

Can I record shows on Hubbl?

No. Neither the set top box nor Glass TV have recording capabilities.

Instead, Hubble introduces a Watchlist. You can add any show to your watchlist and when you want to see it just launch it.

From a user perspective its basically the same as recording, however you’re just watching content off a cloud-based service.

Additionally, it’s smart – if a piece of content moves from one streaming provider to another, Hubbl won’t lose it, it will just send you to the new platform.

Of course, like anything, if you aren’t subscribed to the streaming service that content is on – you’ll need to stump up for an account.

Voice Commands and some sass from Hubbl

One fun part of Hubbl are voice commands, allowing you to press a button on the remote, or on the Glass TV just speak – and have programs launch.

The sassy part is when you hold the remote and ask “where’s my remote” – on the screen it tells you “in your hand” – although I’m not entirely sure how useful that is.

Hubbl and Hubbl Glass will be available via

  • Hubbl will be available at $99 (AUD)
  • Hubbl Glass will be available in two sizes and five colours (Anthracite Black, Ocean Blue, Racing Green, Dusky Pink and Ceramic White)
    • Hubbl Glass 55” will be available at $1,595 (AUD)
    • Hubbl Glass 65” will be available at $1,995 (AUD)
  • Hubbl does not require a monthly subscription – separate app subscriptions are required
  • Hubbl Glass product specs available for download here

Hubbl will be available at Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi stores nationwide. Hubbl Glass will be available exclusively at Harvey Norman. 

On-sale date for Hubbl will be announced soon.