iPad fans will stay up late late on May the 7th with the next Apple Event scheduled for Midnight on May the 8th, set to showcase new creativity tools within the iPad range.

Plenty of Apple Watchers say a refresh of the iPad range is well overdue, and it looks like Apple is coming to the party with their early morning virtual event in two weeks.

The event invitation very clearly shows an Apple Pencil in the hand and the title Let Loose with a colourful creative flair around it kinda leads itself to nothing but the iPad in the Apple range.

Expectations are for a refresh of the iPad Air lineup, set to include a larger 12.9 inch model alongside the existing 10.9 inch with some rumours suggesting that will be a mini-LED display.

At the top end, the iPad Pro are set to switch to OLED displays, potentially making the devices thinner than they currently are.

With such an obvious “stylus” in the invitation, it seems likely the rumours of a new Apple Pencil are spot on. 9to5Mac has reported several indicators that the new pencil will support some osrt of “squeeze” gesture for additional controls.

As always, rumour and speculation is everywhere, we’ll have to wait until you wake up on May 8 to find out – unless you’re so keen you stay up for it:)