It’s a good time to look at updating your gaming monitor, with LG slashing prices on their top of the range UltraGear and UHD 4K gaming monitors, with up to 50% off until May 8th. 

There’s UltraGear and UHD 4K gaming monitors in a range of sizes, from 24-inch all the way up to 49-inch with options to suit anyone from casual gamers to the serious e-sports champion. 

The discounts include $200 off the soon to be released 32-inch UltraGear OLED monitor (32GS95UE-B) which is available now for pre-order directly from LG. The monitor is the world’s first VESA-certified Dual-Mode monitor, allowing gamers to switch between 4K 240Hz and Full HD 480Hz, as well as Pixel Sound which  transforms every in-game movement into audio.

The largest discount is on the big gun of the range, with 50% off the 49-inch UltraGear 32:9 Dual QHD Curved Gaming Monitor (49GR85DC-B). At 49-inch, the display will dominate your gaming setup, offering fast refresh rates up to 240Hz, and DualQHD resolution.

For those wanting something smaller, there’s two 27-inch displays discounted by 20%, the UHD 4K IPS Monitor with HDR10 (27UL550), normally priced at $549 but reduced to $439, or the  27-inch UltraGear Full HD IPS gaming monitor (27GS60F-B) normally $349 but discounted to $279.

Finally, the 24-inch UltraGear Full HD IPS gaming monitor (24GS60F-B) offering 180Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms response is down to just $215 (normally $269).


As a happy LG UltraGear monitor owner, if you’ve been wanting to get something new to replace your display, now is a great time to check out the range.