WIN A CAR – Yep, we’re giving away a Hyundai i30 Active EFTM Edition

We’ve gone mad… but good mad.

Locked inside the EFTM Garage is a brand new Hyundai i30 Active EFTM Edition. With a drive-away price of $30,722 this is our biggest ever giveaway and we’re exited for someone to win it.

And we’ve added some flare to it also. Ceramic Tint to block out the sun’s heat, EFTM branding down the side, a Belkin MagSafe phone mount for iPhone 12 owners and a Uniden Dashview 30R front and rear dashcam!

Here’s our announcement video, where Trev picked up this beauty:

So – how do you win?

Easy. This is not some hyped up raffle where you pay to enter and the people running the competition pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nope, this is free and simple.

  1. Sign in to the form below using your Name, Email, State, Verify you are over 18 (Only 18+ eligible sorry!) and Phone number, sign up to our Email Newsletter and you’re in the draw.
  2. Earn 25 easy extra entries free, by visiting (and liking please!) us on Facebook, Visiting (and subscribing please!) our YouTube Channel, and by Visiting (and following please!) our Instagram account.
  3. Over the weeks ahead, more secret code words will be revealed to those who are listening to our podcast, watching our videos and reading articles here at EFTM.
  4. Plus, there’s other exciting additional entries coming – so keep following us – READ, LISTEN & WATCH – that’s how you win!

Good luck!

EFTM is giving away a car!

Full Terms and Conditions: Here

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