‘Black Friday’ is something anyone who surfs the Internet or reads tech blogs will hear a lot about.  It doesn’t really exist here in Australia.

It’s the first retail day after Thanksgiving, and kicks off the Christmas shopping ‘season’.



So, if like me you received apple’s enticing THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY email mentioning a special one day shopping event – you might have dismissed it as being a US thing only.

But NO! We too can take part.

It’s simple – Goto an Apple store tomorrow, or call 133 622 – or shop Online.

There are NO DETAILS as to what the discounts and bargains will be, but for anyone who know’s Apple you’ll know discounts are rare, so if you are in the market for a Mac, Macbook, or an iPod, for you or a family member, worth making it your wake up task for tomorrow.

In addition to the Discounts, consider some of the cool personalised services you can get with Apple:

At the Apple Online Store

  • Free laser engraving on any new iPod
  • Signature gift wrapping for your iPod

At the Apple Retail Stores

  • Reserve & wrap – The first time we have offered the service in the retail stores worldwide, you can reserve your gift for pickup between 15-24 December. A great service to ensure that it is wrapped and waiting for you. You can arrange pickup from the store closest to where you will be on Christmas Day, saving you the need to hand-carry gifts when you travel.
  • Exclusive gift wrapping for your Mac portable or iPod
  • Personal Shopping – book an appointment so you can knock out your entire gift list over your lunch break with absolute ease
  • Attend a Holiday workshop to create a photobook for Mum

They do know how to do it that step above at Apple, so credit to them for that.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the Bargains!