When I first heard about the Logitech range of ‘Ultimate Ears’ headphones, I assumed they were the top end noise cancelling style which use a battery powered adaptor to actually cancel out the external sound.

However, these are not.  The Ultimate Ears are in fact in-ear headphones that simply mould much better to your ears, and in doing so allow much more outside noise to be eliminated.

On the Super-Fi 5 set I have been trialling I noticed several size bud ends, which are small plastic cups around the headphone that go into your ear, rather than sitting on the edge like traditional headphone buds.  There was also a larger mouldable end for them which I tried, but found a little hard to use.

In the end, I picked the plastic cup end to suit my ear size, and off I went.

There is absolutely no doubt about the snug fit of these headphones, and the amount of outside noise that is blocked out by that snug fit.

What I found quite difficult however was the comfort.  It is a very different sensation.  But one I was very keen to push through.  After a few days I found it very easy to use – and I felt more at ease pushing them into my ear for the snug fit they offer.  And for me, the pain I get from ‘normal’ ear bud headphones which i have to push into place was gone.

The next Issue I found was one of my own ‘body noise’.  You see with so much external noise blocked out, you really notice the noises you make yourself.

Do this – really – right now – sit and stare at the wall, and clamp your teeth together open and shut a few times.  Then push your fingers in your ears and do the same – notice how well you hear that clamping?  Its quite loud.

Well, that happens with these earphones.  And more-over I felt that sound from the bumping of the headphone cord against my face as I walked.

I read the instructions a little better, and came up with an option.  Over the ears instead of out and down. What that means is I take the earphone behind the ear, over the ear and then down and Into the ear, so the cord is over and behind your ear.  This really minimises the body noise for some reason, and is MUCH more comfortable.

Obscure, and hard to remember to do, however, after a day or so I was 100% comfortable with it.

Once I’d found my place and way of using these – I am wrapped, and hooked.

This is the best gift Idea for anyone who loves their music and their iPods.

I have been hearing instrumental joy from my music like I never have before, and I mean that sincerely – I cannot recommend this style of headphone enough.

They are a bit expensive, however there are various options available in the range.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves their music!