It’s refreshing really to see a REAL PERSON behind a corporate Twitter account.  Problem is, it’s often hard to know, until its too late…

This afternoon, One of Australia’s BIG BANK’s WESTPAC fell victim to an innocent Error…

Image by @ValerioVeo
Westpac’s Twitter FAIL – Funny

So, people following Westpac were thinking – what? Hey? – and they started to ‘retweet’ or send the message around to all their own friends… In the end, hundreds of people have seen this, and the number of followers for the @westpac account have grown by 10% or more!

How did this happen – easy, the tweeter is using TweetDeck, which allows you to setup multiple accounts, so no doubt his own personal account was listed, and he THOUGHT he was using that when he posted it.. Sadly, Westpac was the account that was listed.  Ooops.

Very funny – and now Viral.

Frankly, I think the absolute majority of people are pleased to see that Westpac’s Twitter is operated by REAL PEOPLE!