It’s hardly high tech, but at least someone has given it some thought!

Cupio is a new look Mug made just for Tea drinkers – people who drink tea made from tea-bag specifically.

The idea is actually simple. The teabag sits in your mug as normal, but the string is guided out the edge of the mug in a small gap.

When you’re ready to drink, instead of squeezing with your fingers, or a teaspoon, and instead of dripping the tea bag all over your desk or kitchen – the teabag is squeezed out as you pull the string.

The teabag is guided up into a small channel that leads off the edge of the mug and into the handle.

Seems simple – if you’re a tea drinker and want to be ahead of the pack – Cupio is available on Kickstarter now for as little as $33.

Web: Kickstarter