As Friday May 28 approaches, there are four categories of people waking for their Weet Bix today.

1/ Those who care not about Apple’s ‘Magical’ new iPad launching

2/ Those who are contemplating buying an iPad but have not yet ordered

3/ Those who will line up in the early hours of Friday Morning outside an Apple store for their own chance to get one of few few units available in store Friday.

4/ Those (like me) who ordered their iPad on May 10 and will be eagerly awaiting the courier delivery on Friday.

So, which one are you?

If you are #2, and need reason to be swayed toward #3 – here’s another reason to consider it. If you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney – on Friday, in what will be the focus of the TV cameras, Apple will open its brand new retail Apple Store on Oxford St Bondi Junction. Long rumoured and under construction, but not confirmed until now, the Bondi Junction store is an interesting placement – a mix of the King St City store, being street front and the traditional Glass look, and the Chatswood store, where it sits within the main shopping centre. The Bondi store sits on the street right next to the mega shopping centre Westfield Bondi Junction.

Loads of people will queue outside the Bondi store not just to be the first inside, also to get their hands on an iPad. Friday is a BIG day for Apple in Australia.

In addition, Apple announced overnight that Steve Jobs will open their World Wide Developers Conference on June 7 in the USA, fuelling speculation the next generation iPhone could be announced on that day.

I for one can’t wait. I’m looking forward to both the iPad and the new iPhone.