I’ve used a lot of Mac computers, laptops, desktops everything over the last few years. All of them loan/review units which I’ve had to hand back.

The other thing about them all is that they’ve all been ready to go when I got them – software installed, users setup and all ready to power up and go.

So, with the purchase of a brand new iMac for myself this week, I had the opportunity to test the ‘Apple’ at home experience for myself – from the box.

On the desk, all I had was the ethernet cable which connected to my router/modem.

Beside the desk, a Brand new, 27 inch iMac – Rather than just write about it, I hooked up my camera and filmed it. It’s not perfect quality video – but you’ll get the gist!

To fit the entire video into the 10 minute YouTube limit i had to speed up a couple of areas of the vision, but believe me, this was recorded in one go, with the clock running…

Here it is:

So, what do you think? Is bringing home a new PC that easy? I don’t remember it being so.

I’m hooked..