Since 3D TV arrived in Australia a month or so ago, I’ve resisted watching any of the demo programs offered by the TV companies, knowing they were custom built for the sets.

What I wanted to do was experience a big event, a sports event in Full 3D and get my experience to you.

Read on for my thoughts…With State of Origin one approaching, I decided to wait for the FIFA World Cup – surely, this Global event would have the best camera’s, operators and producers.

Thanks to SAMSUNG, I was able to take that opportunity.   I have plenty of colleagues from around the world, fortunately one mate is German so what a perfect opportunity to watch the Socceroos take on Germany.  I had the SAMSUNG 3D TV delivered to his home, and joined him at 4am along with some mates and family for the big game.

Coming with the 50inch review unity was a Blu-Ray player and the movie Monsters vs Aliens – By all accounts, watching that was amazing.

With everyone in the lounge room wearing their Battery Powered or USB Charged glasses, we switched to Channel 40 “3D Trial”.  This channel is being shared by Channel 9 and SBS for their 3D Trial broadcasts.

Watching Channel 40 you see two pictures side by side.  This is the 2D TV interpretation of a 3D broadcast, basically, any 2D TV can see this.  But it’s no use without the 3D Technology.

Next you press the 3D button on the remote.  Chose the side by side configuration (the style of broadcast – telling the TV to combine those two pictures into one), and you get that well known 3D looking broadcast, blurry as anything.

Put on the glasses and you’re immersed into the vision.

No doubt everyone loves it, the concept is new to us all.

Cameras down on the sideline bring you the most amazing viewing experience you will have ever experienced – no doubt.  You almost feel like you are standing there, and can reach out to touch the people in the picture.

No matter where that camera moves, or the players go, you are immersed.

But – there’s a problem.  When the TV Director goes for the required high camera angle to give you an overall view of the play – everything looks blurry.  Not as Blurry as without the glasses, but remember the Old days of TV – when the antenna wasn’t quite right and you got ghosting?  That’s what it looked like.  You can see shadow around players, and ghosts of other players.  There isn’t a huge amount of depth here.

This is my fundamental problem with the technology as it stands – we’re all new to it.  The Camera men, the Directors, everyone.

So – would I buy one?  Sure, if money wasn’t an object and I was in the market for a new TV.

But, if I have a great TV already, I wouldn’t rush out.  There isn’t a large enough range of movies available, and the sporting experience leaves a lot to be desired.

6 people sitting around watching the Socceroos, we all agreed without any question that after 5-10 mins we’d switch back to 2D.

There’s your other problem, the glasses cost a few hundred dollars, so a group event is a difficult thing.

I don’t expect TV Directors will be coming to me for advice any time soon, however, here it is:

3D Looks AMAZING down at ground level – Think of Origin when 9 have the camera walking around ON the field after a Try is scored, or just any of the sideline camera shots.  This is the key.

What I would do is have all the other cameras in 2D – the high shots most importantly.  Your eyes have to work too hard to try and make sense of the high shots when you’re watching in 3D.

I now believe this technology has a future.  But the technology in the glasses will be crucial – we need universal glasses, no matter if you have a Sony, Samsung, Panasonic or whatever, your glasses need to work on all sets, so you can visit a mate, or have the kids around to watch Toy Story.