Watching NRL on your Big Screen TV is the goal for any die hard footy fan. However, that goes to a whole new level today, with the launch of the BigPond Sport GAME ALANYSER on Samsung TV’s

I saw this last night demoed on a TV and it blew me away.

If you have a 2010 model Samsung TV, you can access this now. Older model Samsung TV’s with “Internet@TV” options should get access in the future, however rolling it out to those TV’s might not come until next year I’m guessing.

All you do is add the App to your TV through the app’s menu, and once installed its as easy as pressing a button, choosing a game, and getting into analyzing the game.


You can choose your game by Round, by Series (State of Origin games and Aboriginal All Stars Game is also available).

Once chosen, you see the game in a window not taking up the full screen – down the bottom of the screen are options for:

  • Scoring Plays
  • Big Hits
  • Errors
  • Foul Play
  • Line Breaks
  • Penalties
  • Video Ref
  • 40/20
  • Bloopers

Choosing any of these options then plots events in those categories onto a timeline on the screen.

Then, its yours to analyse. Scroll across to highlight any event in the timeline, press OK, and then after a short buffering, you’ll see THAT event on the screen.

This technology has been available to Footy Clubs and Online in some ways for a while. However, to put it in your Lounge Room, controlled by your Remote Control – this is a ‘game changer’.

Choose ‘Scoring Plays’ – Scroll to a try – and watch that try. Simple, fast and easy.

The system will be expanded in time for the 2011 season to include the AFL also.

Content is King – it’s been said many times. And Samsung are proving that here. All the big players are making content bids on their TV’s – Catch up TV from the networks and the like, but this is really innovative and I’m excited to see what else might come.

From Samsung’s point of view, it’s a very smart move – a LOT of the 3D TV’s sold were for State of Origin, and Samsung cornered that market, so it goes without saying that adding NRL content to the device will be a success for them!