Who ever thought I’d be reviewing a PIZZA MAKER – However, when looking at ideas for Fathers Day, Breville suggested this ‘Gadget’ and as a lover of Pizza and a family who loves to make a simple pizza, I thought WHY NOT!

At $140 (ok $139.95) it’s bloody good value.

It’s quite simple too – plug in, three heat modes and you’re off!

The unit comes with a recipe book from World Pizza Champion and star of My Kitchen Rules – PETE EVANS – Thus, it also bares his name! However, I’m a simple man – and we happend to have frozen pizza bases in the freezer, so – A quick pizza shouldn’t be an issue.

This unit has a 12 inch Ceramic Stone in it, with heat elements on top and bottom concentrating the heat in that central area – on the pizza – something your oven (according to Breville) doesn’t do.

I was keen to see how well the crust would be cooked, looking for a crisp and even covearge.

My 3 year old son and I set out to make a simple Cheese Pizza. Sause, and Cheese – nothing else, couldn’t be easier right?

And it wasn’t.

Plus, it was FAST.

6 minutes and the pizza was done, and let me tell you it was great, the base was crisp and well cooked.

It’s a keeper, and has my recommendation – whatever that is worth!

Product: Pete Evans Pizza Maker by Breville
Model: BPZ500PE
RRP: $139.95
Stockist info: Contact: 1300 139 798 or www.breville.com.au