I’ve had any number of different home phones, mainly cordless. And most of the time, not a great solution, poor reception, lack of features or something else always seems to make it a disappointment.

So, when Uniden released a new cordless phone, I wasn’t too excited – but then I read the fine print. This Cordless has bluetooth, and allows you to connect your mobile phone to it.. what?

The decision to test this one was a no brainer!

First and foremost, a key feature (in my life right now) this has a button that only some Uniden, and for that matter only some home phones have – a DND Button – DO NOT DISTURB. This is important when there is a baby in the house!

The basic package comes with the main base station, handset, and a second power charger and handset. That itself is a good starter pack. At $230, it’s around the value of similar style handsets.

Somehow, and in a way I shant even try and replicate, the system allows for multiple handsets to chain together to stretch a signal 2.2km from the main base station. Why you’d want that – I can’t imagine.

As a phone, great quality, and a good solid handset which is easy to use.

The key here really is the Bluetooth button on each handset.

You see, you can pair up to two mobile phones to your base station by bluetooth.

Why? Well, why go searching for your mobile when it rings. Once paired, each time you get home, your Uniden XDECT R series base station knows you’re home, and if people ring, you can answer them on your normal home handset by pressing the bluetooth button instead of the normal call button.

This is really really handy – means you can come home, plug your phone into the charger and then take your calls as you would on your normal phone.

Very handy for people who don’t use their mobiles a lot. No More searching through the bag and such.

PLUS, an added possible benefit, if you don’t have a landline phone, you could easily just use this system to make calling and receiving calls easier at home.

Uniden XDECT R Dual Mode Bluetooth Cordless Phone
XDECT R035BT+1 $229.95
XDECT R003BT $129.95 (additional handset)

For sales and customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or visit www.uniden.com.au