This is one of those straight out of ‘beyond 2000’ type of gadgets. I’ve been hearing about them for a few years – announced at the big electronics shows back then – but now, a genuine reality.

Before you get excited, you can’t just drop your phone on this pad/mat and let it charge – you do need a special cover.

What would be great (good luck) would be having all manufacturers accepting a single technology and building this into their phones and devices to support this and other such power chargers. But that’s a pipe dream!

So here’s how it works. You buy the power pad – alone $100.

Then you get a case for your phone – around $60 each. Or you get them both in a bundle, for $160, and you also get a ‘charging disc’ which has attachments for all phones, but for those, you need to PLUG IN, but still, it’s easier than normal.

Uniden Power Pad

The best case is you get the case for your phone – I used the iPhone (3G/3GS – iPhone 4 case due by Christmas) case. In essence, its like any other iPhone case, which almost all owners of iPhones have!. Except, it has three little metal tabs on the back. Tiny, hard to see, but they allow it to charge when just sitting on the power pad. Just awesome.

Honestly, if you have an iPhone or Blackberry, this is a no-brainer.

Put the power pad in the kitchen, or perhaps bedroom dresser, and you and your partners phones can charge without plugging in, easy to charge, easy to pickup.

I’m a big fan of this device.

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