Ok, so you’ve seen by now the latest news from OXX Digital with the announcement of the OXX Pocket. This Digital Radio will go head to head with the BUSH Walker in stores, and they are very similar.

I decided to put them side by side to show you, and help you decide which will suit you!

First of all, let me say, Bush Australia (Grundig, Bush and Revo branded Digital Radio) and OXX Digital are really taking to the big guys (including DAB incumbents PURE) when it comes to innovation and range, plus price! so Both companies should be congratulated, and supported.

Bush walker and OXX Pocket - Tops

Holding the OXX Pocket in my hand for the first time, it was clear OXX had gone for the same quality of finish you will find on their other models, this one closely follows the OXX Vantage which has a rubbery plastic surface. The Bush Walker does look nice, but its rounded face ages it fast, and the chrome trim when up close is more clearly plastic than chrome, which is why I, Like OXX it seems, would always go for the all black look so as not to trick people into a perceived quality.

Bush walker and OXX Pocket - Front

Most notable when holding these two side by side – these are essentially the same radio. Let’s not kid ourselves there arent hundreds of factories churning out Digital Radios, so this is to be expected, however in the desk, clock and other portable ranges the movement in screens and buttons makes it less obvious to the consumer. In this case though the button and screen layout on these is identical, with the only real difference being the centre button on the main control.

Bush walker and OXX Pocket - Back

That’s not a big deal, but it does make a comparison interesting.

You see in the end, it’s not the radio itself that will guide your choice. I think this is an easy one really.

The OXX Pocket is $139, the Bush Walker is $129.

The OXX comes with a set of Headphones (A-JAYS ONE) which retail for $49, the Bush Walker comes with bog standard earphones.

So, if you have quality headphones of your own now, go the Bush Walker. If you’ve not experienced the simple step up that comes from a quality earphone, get the OXX Pocket and keep those headphones for all purposes.

Aside from that, price will guide you, either way, ask the retailer, you know they can do you a better price!

Bush walker and OXX Pocket - Side