While Apple’s core product news at their May event for iPad were the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, it’s actually quite possible that something far simpler drives sales of those very devices. The new Apple Pencil Pro.

Simply put, the new Apple Pencil Pro is packed with new sensors and capabilities.

Near the tip you can squeeze the Pencil to trigger hover menus, or actions within apps. A new haptic engine at the end of the Pencil pro offers feedback to actions you take.

This means you can feel when an item snaps into place in a design app.

Additionally, a Gyroscopic sensor allows you to rotate the Apple Pencil Pro – Apple calls it “Barrel Roll” to twist an object, paint brush or tool within an app.

It brings a vast new range of capabilities to Apple Pencil users, and the new Apple Pencil Pro is compatible with both the new iPad Pro and iPad Air Models.

Oh, and while it’s not as funky for designers as all that, the new Apple Pencil Pro also supports Find My, meaning you can find it, no matter where you left it.

For Apple Pencil users, and creative users of iPad, Apple certainly delivered today.

Apple Pencil Pro is available for $219