If you’re in Sydney this Friday Morning you might have seen a TIME MACHINE on the back of a truck! Travelling through the streets of Sydney on its way to the Park Hyatt

It travelled through the morning peak hour traffic from 7.45am to its resting point at Hickson Rd Reserve on the Harbour. It came in from the southern suburbs, transported on the back of a table top truck and was an awesome sight no doubt.

If you want to check it out, head down to the Delorean – adjacent to the Park Hyatt on the Harbour Bridge side of Hickson Road, the Rocks.

What a great photo opportunity!

It’s in town for the 25th Anniversary Re-screening of the movie classic Back to the Future for the Parkinson’s charity as part of the World wide celebrations which have been held in NY, London and Moscow.

THE Delorean - on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour

THE Delorean - on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour

The digitally re-mastered version of the movie screens next Wednesday night at a red Carpet night at the Event Cinema George St.

The iconic DeLorean time machine landed in Sydney today for the screening, having returned from 2015, and will be positioned in the Hickson Rd Reserve, the Rocks, across form the Opera House from 10am if people would like to come down and see this amazing vehicle with all its bells and whistles or they can go to the website and purchase tickets to the screening in support of people with Parkinson’s. Tickets can be obtained online atwww.backtothemovies.com.au

Here’s the Delorean itself – ironically, the organiser of the Visit to Sydney is a man named Marty… Not McFly though:)