Samsung Galaxy Tab (Original 7 inch) for $299 outright!

Sometimes when you see an offer, you have to put it through that ‘too good to be true filter’ which is wise.  So when I saw that Telstra were offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab for just $299 outright online, I did just that.

In fact, I picked up the phone and checked.  Yep, spot on – $299 for a device that last year when it launched was $999!

Why?  My Guess is that with the 10.1v coming out later this month from Vodafone, Telstra need to a/Make a splash and b/get rid of the stock.

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The 10.1v from Vodafone is a cracker device, but it will be followed by a sibling 10inch device that is likely thinner and available on all carriers, so Telstra may be gearing up for that launch.

Whatever the matter, $299 is a great price considering Telstra’s own T-Touch device was around $200 at launch, and is nothing when compared to the Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab (7 inch) is a great device, a good feel in the hand and great to use.  It lacks the latest Android OS but the average user won’t notice that for a moment.

Check it out if it takes your interest!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Keith Forbes

    April 19, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Is it possible that the original tab will have a gingerbread update sometime in the future or will that likely be restricted to the newer Galaxy tabs. I raise this because I’ve seen a few reviews that criticise the current browsing experience.

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