I’ve obtained a photo and basic overview of yet another brand new Digital Radio due for Australia later this year.

OXX Digital, who currently have three models in the market (Classic, Vantage and Pocket) will launch the “Flight” in September at $199.95.

The Flight is a bedside/desktop unit with a curved cloth speaker front, and an iPhone/iPod dock on top.

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OXX Flight - Due September

I understand the Flight will be certified ‘Made for iPhone’, feature a wide screen 2 line display for Functions and DAB Scrolling text, multiple alarms with Snooze and Sleep, AUX in and a small remote control.

The radio will be both DAB+ and FM.

Expect High output Dynamic Deep Base sound from the 2 x 5W Stereo speakers.

Certainly looks like a great device, would sit well on a bedside or desk with ease.

More details and a full review when I get my hands on one!