When you read the sentiment of executives at Meta who run Threads you don’t get the sense they are directly trying to compete with Elon Musk’s dumpster fire X – but then they do this.

Today, Threads announced they are rolling out the ability to Edit a post you make.

For context, I’m not mucking around, do a search for “Edit” and “Tweet” or “Twitter” and you’ll see people have been requesting the ability to edit things they’ve said online after they had posted.

Twitter did roll this out, but – only for people paying a monthly subscription to Elon. That’s a hard no from me.

Facebook has for years had the ability to edit a post you make, so it’s a no brainer.

The head of Instagram, which runs and created Threads – Adam Mosseri – today posted that the company was rolling out the Edit function, along with a new voice message function too.

Voice messages are an interesting addition, not widely requested, or used on any other platform, but hey – they’re coming:

I wrote earlier that Threads journey is going strong but has a long way to go, but it’s engagement and impact is comparatively bigger than Twitter by many measures –

Scrolling through the platform over the last week, It’s clear that usage is up but Adam Mosseri is cautious about his tone and language regarding the future and his competitors, and more focussed on on just rolling out features for users.

Search is now available, accessing Threads via the web is now available, the next steps for engaging active Twitter users is Trending topics, Hashtags and some sort of topic sorting or lists.

Its still very, very early days. But the signs are good.

Edits are available now, and can be done within 5 minutes of the original post. Hat tip to the developers and engineers at Threads, the countdown timer is also a great addition

Bravo Threads.

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