A sneaky tweet by the boss of JAYS has shown us what’s about to come for the JAYS range of earphones.  Famous for their flat tangle free cords, the A-Jays range of earphones has proven popular here in Australia, and while the addition of the a-Jays Four to the range with full iPhone/iPod compatibility was great, it did leave Blackberry and Android users in the dark.

I tried the a-Jays Four on my Blackberry, and it was pretty much a massive fail – not that they were intended for that use at all, but I was keen on the track forward and back for music playing.

So, what’s new?  A-Jays One PLUS.  Compatible with Android and Blackberry among others, these look to offer just what I was looking for.

The plus earphones have the a-Jays one style and technology in the earpiece, with the added in-line controls.  Out of the box you will have play and pause, while with an additional free Android App you can configure Answer/Hang-Up and add functions like track control and volume control.

No clear word on what Blackberry or Windows Phone functionality comes out of the box or app availability for those.

JAYS state that the One+ range is developed for a wide range of mobile phones, running iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and even Skype compatability.

No word yet on Australian release date or pricing, but I’d expect them to be $99 or less based on the a-Jays four pricing already available. however local distributors have confirmed pricing will be $79.95 $69.95! when they hit Australia.