Stop spending hours (minutes? Seconds if you’re Nick Broughall?) stuck in the grooming aisles of the supermarket or that crazy, confusing place called Priceline. Your quest to find a face cleanser that doesn’t rip off your skin and leave it like the Arizona desert, then runs out in two days is over.

It doesn’t smell like roses either, it has a neutral fragrance. L’Oréal has actually figured out how to do a face cleaner for sensitive skin that will last weeks, possibly months, and costs under $15. Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Cleansing Foam Cream (we think that’s all the words there) requires only a marble sized amount to foam up and fill both the palms of your hands. Applied liberally to your face (duh) it’s enough to completely rid your skin of dirt and oil but not dry it out.

There’s really not much else to say other than the tube we started using more than a month ago is still half full despite near daily use. Grab some now.

Price: Around $10-$15
Web: L’Oréal