Due to be switched off at the end of June and despite five years notice, Telstra is delaying the closure of it’s 3G mobile network by two months to allow more time for users to upgrade from older and non-compatible devices.

Telstra CEO Vicki Brady says “..we have to make sure everyone is ready to make this transition together, and we know some of our customers are still working through the steps they need to take to upgrade their devices. That’s why we’ve decided to provide more time and further support”

As we’ve mentioned here previously this affects people who have 3G mobiles, but also people with 4G phones that are not VoLTE compatible or are hard wired to use 3G for Emergency Calls. Telstra’s  SMS ‘3’ to 3498 service, and their call centres have had over 80,000 people contact them with 90% found compatible. But it’s the 10% that are the concern, not those who reached out because they now know they need to upgrade, but how many more are out there.

That number could come close to 100,000 devices.

As an additional service to customers with 3G phones, in the coming weeks Telstra will add a recorded message to outgoing calls made from users who are using a phone that’s not compatible after the 3G switch off.

That short message, played only to users on impacted mobiles will be a strong reminder you need to act, and won’t be there after you upgrade.

With this announcement of a delay today, Telstra’s 3G network will now close on 31 August 2024