There is a pretty intense fight going on in boardrooms across the country for our Hardware dollar with Woolworths new “Masters” brand “Warehouse” stores rolling out across the country to go head to head with Bunnings – so what affect will it have on your weekend hardware trips?

I for one am a Bunnings man through and through – that is unless Masters opens up closer.  I live relatively close to the big Thornleigh Bunnings which was once one of their flagship stores, however with the Multi-Level Bunnings popping up around the place (the first in NSW was in Chatswood) the old style tin shed warehouse is starting to look as modern as a local BBC Hardware store did in the late 90’s when the BBC Hardware House and Bunnings war was on.

You see in reality I’m not drawn to Bunnings for the ‘lowest prices everyday’ or whatever their slogan is, I’m drawn there because its close, they have a sausage sizzle every weekend, and they have so much stuff I can literally wander around for 10-20 mins and not pick up a single item I really need.

They say Masters will bring us more – kitchen stuff? Fencing? This is also what Bunnings are bringing to their new mega stores – coming soon to Alexandria and Castle Hill in Sydney among other sites nationally.  But will that really matter?

Surely most of you are like me and ducking down to bunnings for a few light bulbs, batteries, a new set of screwdrivers or some odds and sodds..

The other big question is where does this leave the ‘little guys’ like Mitre 10 and HOME Hardware? Are they going to be pushed once and for all out of the market?

It’s stunning to think about the hundreds of millions of dollars going into all this – and I may well be convinced as to the need – I’d be more interested to know right now where the big gaps in the locations are across Australia – Bunnings has a pretty strong footprint you would have though, however Wooloworths wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t already know they had the right locations ready to go.

Don’t expect anything radically different though – in the end when you need more nails or bolts, you’ll probably head to the store closest to you.

Let me know what you think? Are you lacking a Bunnings or similar in your local area?  Are you excited about Masters coming to a space near you?