Here’s an awesome story which will have your eyes focused on the McLaren F1 team in Melbourne this weekend. Aussie nonprofit “DeadlyScience” has been chosen as SponsorX by Smartsheet for this weekend’s Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

Smartsheet is a software company and a sponsor of the McLaren F1 team, but they’ve launched this initiative which hands over their space on the car to a local organisation – for this weekend that organisation is DeadlyScience.

You’ve probably never heard of them, I hadn’t, but now I have I am in awe of what they’re doing. They take STEM releated resources and ensure that schools in our most remote communities have access to the resources and mentorship required to ensure that all Australians get the chance to become the future scientists they might hope to be.

DeadlyScience has shipped over 20,000 books and STEM resources to 100 plus communities across Australia. That includes over 7500 boxes of things like greenhouses, telescopes, books, science kits and lessons for teachers.

“DeadlyScience is a small team with a big mission: to introduce STEM education to kids who have so much potential, but just need someone to believe in them,” said Corey Tutt, founder and CEO of DeadlyScience. “It means the world for Smartsheet to donate this sponsorship and believe in the important work we are doing. When the kids see DeadlyScience on the car, they’re going to know it represents them.”

Smartsheet is behind all this, first shelling out the cash to help pay Daniel Ricciardo’s wage at McLaren as a team sponsor, but then also offering up their logo space for a local organisation.

CEO of McLaren Racing Zak Brown says “Smartsheet has revolutionised how we do business, and now they are doing the same with how they are activating their sponsorship; its leading edge for Formula 1,”

“McLaren is proud of the work DeadlyScience is doing to inspire a new generation of scientists. Sponsor X is a bold way of pursuing progress–an idea that resonates with everyone at McLaren.”

Smartsheet’s CEO Mark Mader talked about the benefits of their SponsorX program “Driving meaningful change requires serious commitment, bold action and a platform that anyone can use to make a difference. That’s why we launched Sponsor X,”

“At Smartsheet, we believe in helping create a world where anyone can thrive. Pursuing social progress anchors us in a greater purpose. We are so impressed by the work Corey and DeadlyScience are doing with children all over Australia. They are a remarkable representation of the impact we hope to make when we use our voice and resources to amplify changemakers around the world.”

Bloody good on them. If you want to know more about DeadlyScience and more importantly help them out by making a donation, visit