Ahh, the European Union. When you combine the moustaches of the French, the engineering of the Germans, and the atrocious sporting ability of the British (plus a few other countries), you end up with a government body who can make things happen. Like mandating micro-USB connectivity for all mobile phones, including Apple’s.

In response to the EU mandate, Apple has announced a micro-USB adapter. It essentially allows you to plug in a micro-USB cable to the adapter, which then slides into the iPhone’s 30-pin port. It’ll cost £8 ($13) when it launches in the UK on October 14, but won’t be coming to Australia anytime soon. According to an Apple statement:

“We’ve led the way for years, reducing waste by standardising on USB charging.

We offer the micro USB adapter only in markets that require it for regulatory approval.”

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a dozen iPod/iPhone USB cables floating around your house anyway, so it’s probably not too big a deal. But if you envision a future of micro-USB devices ruling the universe, you will probably be able to buy one of these online in the next few weeks…

Price: £8
Web: Apple UK