“Clean up in isle 3” will result in a very different reaction at your local Woolies if the trial of new technology sees a Woolworths Robot wandering around your local store.

The Robot trials began early last year in Gregory Hills in Western Sydney, however EFTM Spies have snapped the Woolworths Robot in Newcastle just this week.

The Woolworths Robot sits idle

According to Woolworths at the time of the launch, the robot helps monitor hazards and makes the store safe, with a Spokesperson telling News.com.au

“We’ve been working hard to reduce trips and slips in our stores, but we still see too many,”

“We’re trialling new technology to see if it can help make the store safer for our customers and team. It will roam the store looking for potential safety hazards, and allow one of our store team members to quickly attend to it.”

Woolworths Robot out on patrol

Fitted with various cameras, the Robot roams the store looking for spills on the floor or any dropped items.

However it’s more likely the key use for the Robot is checking the shelves. By using the cameras to constantly scan the shelves, noting changes in stock levels allowing both the stacking of shelves and the ordering of more stock in an automated process.

Robot gets ready to charge

Privacy concerns will see some people worry about what the Robot is seeing and how it’s being stored, while others will worry it’s a robot revolution and more staff will go.

Neither are really a concern, the Woolworths Robot would be scanning so many images it’s unimaginable Woolies would be keeping track of customers. Likewise, the robot still needs store staff to come and clean up any spills it sees, and someone’s gotta stack those shelves.