Following the devastating events of the Malaysian Moto GP, Marco Simoncelli’s father has spoken out. A few people could take some advice from this man.

Paolo Simoncelli spoke to media about the events of the Malaysian Moto GP but only had good things to say. He spoke about his son Marco, the Gresini Honda team and the Malaysian circuit in Sepang.

“Marco was a very special person, and perhaps people have understood what he was like. If he had to swear he would, he was like that. Most of all he was honest, he was really pure,” he said. “On top of that he was a warrior, and maybe that’s why he died. Had he let the bike go…but last Sunday he wanted to win. He was again the Marco we had at the beginning of the season, but now he knew what to do, he knew everything.”

Paolo Simoncelli went on to even praise the efforts of the medical crew at the circuit, who fumbled the stretcher carrying his son as they made their way to the waiting helicopter. “I helped them: when they got back up and passed the stretcher over to my side of the guard rail I took the stretcher to place it in the ambulance and held Marco’s hand and called him ‘Ciao Marco’, but he was gone already. There was nothing that could be done. Nothing would have changed in that case. As for the rest, maybe more (detail) is needed, but these people try to do their best, so it’s useless… But in our case Marco died on impact.

Rather modestly, Simoncelli Senior also admitted that he managed to piss Marco off often, but that things were good between the two of them – it was a typical fiery Italian relationship, but one filled with respect. “He needed everything around him to work. He needed Aligi Deganello – his guru and chief technician – his team, and his dad, who would piss him off sometimes, as he would say. Before the start we would shake hands and hug. I did that on Sunday too, but I guess I got something wrong. It didn’t go as usual.”

Paolo Simoncelli also praised the efforts of the Gresini Honda team and those in and around Moto GP. In circumstances like these, it’s shows some serious class to make the statements he did. Nice one, Paolo. True gent.

For the full statement visit Autosport, but be warned, it’s a heart wrenching read.