If you’re anything like me, you keep losing the garage door openers – even though we have two or three.  Well now, we can control the door with our mobile phone thanks to GarageLink!


I must admit when I first read about it, I was sceptical, however, when the GarageLink  arrived today I had it running within 30 mins of getting the box, including a call to my Garage Door opener manufacturer.

Here’s what it is.  A small box, which requires mains power, and has two loose wires which you connect to the Manual Open settings on your garage door opener.

The Garage Link unit

That’s it.

There are some basic instructions for installation, however for my Steel-Line door opener I wasn’t able to see any settings to reflect those on the instructions, so I picked up the phone to Steel Line and within a minute Tim there had told me which of the four screws on the back would take the manual mode override.  Essentially this is just a switch you can put in place to activate the door.

Garage Link connections to the Door Motor

Once connected, I powered up the GarageLink  then popped back to my mobile phone.  Also included in the package was a small card with a scratch-able area on the back which revealed my Bluetooth password.

Easy as pie I scanned for a new Bluetooth device, found the GarageLink , entered the unique code and hey presto – I’m connected.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  The instructions specifically state NOT to allow the device to ‘auto connect’.  Why?  Easy – the connection between your phone and the GarageLink  is what activates the door.

So, to open or close the door, you simply connect to that GarageLink device in your Bluetooth settings.

Fortunately, on Android – there is an app for that:)  The app has a simple ACTIVATE button which connects the Bluetooth and opens or closes your door.

For iOS devices, the thing works just as well, however there is no app yet.  Simply pair the devices, and tap the GarageLink to activate (open/close)

I have to say, this was very very easy to do, and has great application for simplifying the centre console of the car.

The Android app has been a tad buggy for me, freezing once or twice, however the concept is well proven and there is definitely a future for this in the connected home.

Price: Currently Available only from Queensland Roller Doors, the GarageLink  will set you back $195 installed, or $110 supplied (postage likely not included)

More Info: GarageLink – www.garagelink.com.au

Sadly, the GarageLink product is no longer available – perhaps this innovative device was just a before its time?