I think I’m like most home owners, the lawns are a touch overgrown, the trees are a bit ragged, the hedges aren’t looking at all like hedges.  Now you might have the mower, the whipper snipper and even a blower.  But geez does it make a racket when you fire them up on a Saturday morning.

In addition to the noise there’s the issue of reliability.  Not that they fail, just that boy does it get a bit tiresome pulling a starting cord and working out how much choke you need to fire it up.


A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to travel to Husqvarna in Sweden, as a guest of Husqvarna to see their factory and some innovations in their product range.  While much of that was for the commercial operators there is a solid trickle down through to us average home owners that has great benefit.

So this month I’ve been testing out the Battery Hedge Trimmer (536LiHD60X).  This gives you all the comparable power of a petrol-powered counterpart but with no emissions, minimum noise and low vibration.

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Perhaps the most surprising noise is actually the charger.  This bulky fella not just charges the battery but has an in-built fan as it does, there’s that much power being pushed into the battery.

Once you plug it in and press the single little button to power on your trimmer you can go to work with no concern for performance.



We had a large bush out front of our house – over a couple of years it’s grown higher and wider – so – time to cut it back.

I didn’t know if the larger branches would need hand clipping or if the trimmer would cut through it – franky, to my surprise it smashed it.  With ease.  Now I didn’t do the prettiest job, but I did the job.



This was all I needed to give me the confidence in the trimmer and we’ve since been trimming the hedges and overgrowth on boundary fences.

It’s a touch over $1,000 – that’s about $200 more than the petrol equivalent, but for the sound, let alone basic upkeep and ongoing costs I think that’s great value.

Worth a look: Husqvarana