Last weekend, I bought my two year old son his first bed. Shaped like a shiny red race car, he’s already in love with it, even though it lacks a mattress and sheets at the moment. While a large chunk of the core assembly was done with an allen key, the slats had been reinforced with Philips head screws.

My first thought, when attempting to put the bed together, was to pull out the drill, connect the screwdriving drill bit and let it do the hard work for me. But then came the realisation that the battery was flat, and so the screwdriver set was dragged out of storage and put to use.

It got me thinking – Is the only reason I own a screwdriver set as a backup for my drill’s pathetic battery life? I know that any time I want to screw something in to the masonry, the drill is always the first choice.

Similarly, if I have a quick job that only needs a little screw, I’m likely to reach for the Leatherman and its integrated screwdriver head.

Am I alone in my tendency to only use my screwdriver set as a last resort? Or are screwdrivers the tool you have to have “just in case”? Let us know your thoughts below.