The watch is making a comeback as a ‘must have’ fashion statement for both the upwardly mobile and downwardly lazy. Now you don’t have to re-mortgage your house to make the statement.

Brietling, TAG-Heuer, Rolex – they’re all quite welcome under the Christmas tree this year, but in reality, there are affordable offerings out there that make a similar style statement without the crippling credit card statement. TW Steel, a relatively new player in the market, has gone all out with its range of oversized watches. Simple design, elegant faces and some stunning straps suggest a watch well in excess of the few hundred to a thousand or so you will throw down for one of these.

The proof of their style is in the celebrities they’ve managed to get on board to promote the watches. Mick Doohan, David Coulthard, Emerson Fittapaldi, Stuart O’Grady, the Lotus Renault F1 team drivers – sure, they get paid to promote TW Steel, but rule number one of promotional work is do nothing that will harm your credibility. TW Steel not only keeps the cred but adds to it as well.

There are currently 12 collections available. With its throw back to the black and gold livery of the 70s, you can’t overlook the LRGP Pilot (TW678) in 48mm size. Matt black with just the right amount of gold trim, this watch will look good peeking out from under any cuff. For our money too, the basic Icon in 50mm is a brilliant timepiece. Made with mineral crystal and in a steel case water resistant to 50 metres, it will look good on any wrist.

Prices vary and you can pick up the watches from an array of stores, including David Jones.


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