Kind, generous men like your good selves always plan ahead for those special occasions where you need to get your significant other something special. But if you happen to know someone who occasionally forgets important days, make sure you tell them about Want It Now.

Run by Mail Call Couriers, Want It Now is a service partnered with about 40 different Australian online retailers in Sydney and Melbourne. As its name suggests, it offers same-day delivery of products purchased online. As you can imagine, this can be an exceptionally useful service in certain circumstances.

Of course, the service does come at a price, which is a premium on the delivery charges. How big that premium is will depend on the retailer you’re shopping with, but typically should be around the $10-$15 mark.

For that extra money though, you do get the ability to track your delivery using a dedicated iOS, Android or BlackBerry app, and can receive a text message when the delivery is about 20 minutes away.

It’s not a service you’ll use every day, but for the times that you (or someone you know) need it, it’ll be worth every cent.

Price: Varies
Web: Want It Now
Via: Lifehacker AU