If you’ve ever looked across the Pacific with envy at the US and its Netflix service, which offers unlimited movie rentals for a small monthly subscription, you might want to get a PS3. Sony has announced that later this year, the PS3 will be getting a similar service, courtesy of Aussie movie rental company Quickflix.

While no pricing or exact release time frame was confirmed, the fact that Sony has hit back in the console IPTV wars with a strong movie rental subscription service is great news for PS3 owners. The service will work by paying a regular monthly subscription to access unlimited movie downloads from Quickflix.

The Quickflix movie streaming service on PlayStation 3 will provide unlimited viewing of movies from a constantly changing catalogue, complementing its online DVD and Blu-Ray rental by mail service which provides unlimited rentals each month from Australia’s largest movie and TV series library that features more than 50,000 titles.

Exactly what studios will be available via the service, or whether new releases will be available, or how many movies will be available at launch are all still unknown. But the fact that the service is coming is great news for Playstation owners.