Out and about types that love boasting to their mates about what they did on the weekend need the ContourROAM . Not only will it capture your exploits, you can shed that tag of being the office liar.

Weekend warriors that hide behind a nerdy or quiet office persona but get up to crazy adventures on the weekend now have something a bit better than a Sony Bloggie or Flip Mino HD to capture their exploits. The ContourROAM  hands-free HD video camera is a tiny, rugged video camera that will stick virtually anywhere and capture all the excitement of that downhill mountain bike blast or ten tenths track lap time sans the broken bones. Well you will still end up with broken bones, but the ContourROAM will be fine once you find it after your stack.

The ContourROAM boasts a 170 degree wide angle lens and shoots in Full HD 1080p. You have the choice of three resolutions and two frame rates, giving you the versatility needed to shoot a variety of extreme sports. It can also be used as a 5MP camera in case you want to grab a still or two from that mountain peak… not that we can think of too many good ones in Australia.

If your sport of choice is water based, the ContourROAM is still good. In it’s straight-from-the-packet form its waterproof to a depth of a metre, but you can also option it with a range of cases that can keep it dry and working up to 60 metres underwater. It’s also the perfect companion for rougher sports that will see it bashed or dropped a few times. Contour itself states that it is “made to withstand encounters with everything from eating mud puddles, to monster barrels at Teahupoo, to drops down the Khumbu Icefall.”

No matter how hardcore this device is though, it’s no good if recording and transferring to your PC is difficult. Thankfully there is one touch recording through a slider switch, which also means it’s difficult for the device to accidentally stop recording if it gets bumped. The free Story Teller app will allow you to import, edit and upload your video in only a few steps and the micro SD storage will mean you’re able to use a 32GB card to cram stacks of video in.

With a range of mounts to get the device stuck to almost anywhere or anything, any extreme sports enthusiast needs to own the ContourROAM. After all, picture/video or it didn’t happen.

Price: $299
Web: Contour / Meeco Sales